"An aging baby-boomer arrives at a cell phone store after hours seeking help with a smartphone. An empathetic employee (Tim Torre) creates a connection across generations helping him to say goodbye. An emotionally touching piece with achingly authentic performances." -IndieFest

"Tim Torre should be a big star...he wowed me!  His performance was wonderful, scary, and’s a well written, mature psychological horror movie with a great story and a FANTASTIC performance from Tim Torre." 

-Bryan Ellis

 "...and Tim Torre (Dr. Lyman Sanderson) are comedic gold. Kasher and Torre have intense chemistry on stage especially during a scene in which Nurse Ruth and Dr. Sanderson are talking about their dates from the previous night." -Hannah Wing

Broadway World 

​"Moments touch the heart: In “The Monster’s Journey,” the Frankenstein Monster (Tim Torre) fights off hostile villagers...only to lose his friends in battle."-Jane Horwitz ​Washington Post

 "The ensemble consists of the talented Tim Torre...the emotion displayed by the actors, along with their excellent, expressive movements, made it so that these scenes were...wildly entertaining." -Karim Doumar D.C. Metro Theatre Arts

 "Tim Torre channels a wounded creature of immense power, swinging between quiet protector and angry beast with emotive expressions and graceful physicality." -Ben Demers ​D.C. Theatre Scene

"Torre brings an unparalleled vibrancy to all his scenes, and there is a let-down every time he exits the stage."-Vanessa Terzaghi D.C. Metro Theatre Arts

 "On a more positive note...Tim Torre is aptly funny as the team’s awkward catcher, Jason." -Celia Wren Washington Post

"Even beyond those two is the practical perfection of Tim Torre in the role of Michal. He portrays a character with a mental handicap. It is the kind of role that could easily lend itself to overacting, but Torre never crosses that line. Every moment, every nuance is completely natural. Torre has a gift that is bound to take him far, and his performance needs to be seen by anyone who can make one of the remaining performances." -Jennifer Gusso Showbiz Radio​

TIm TOrre